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Wear-resistant bushings and sliding bushings


There are many types of bearing bushes, such as wear-resistant bushings and sliding bushings on our topic, both of which have their own uses, so today we will talk about the application of wear-resistant bushings and sliding bushings.
The sliding bearing bush is the part of the sliding bearing that is in contact with the shaft. It is very smooth and is generally made of wear-resistant materials such as bronze and friction reducing alloy. In special cases, it can be made of wood, plastic or rubber. Also called "shaft lining", the shape is a tile-shaped semi-cylindrical surface. Wear-resistant self-lubricating engineering plastic MMA bearing bushings have excellent characteristics such as super wear resistance, self-lubricating, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, no water absorption and no sticking. It has been widely used in water conservancy projects, bridges, machinery and other industries. It is used in large heavy-duty, corrosive oil-free or heavy-duty water conservancy projects. The wear-resistant block of engineering plastic alloy wear-resistant plate has the characteristics of wear-resistant self-lubrication, etc. The bridge plays the role of sliding carrier during the translation process. The MGB MGE sliding slip sheet of engineering plastic alloy material is extremely resistant to wear. It also has good ductility and can be reused at specific thicknesses. It can carry 2,500 tons of bridge pressure in practical applications and can be used repeatedly. In the oil-lubricated and water-lubricated working conditions, the friction coefficient is smaller, which is more conducive to smooth sliding of the main body of the bridge.

The products we supply have a particularly large impact, and the bearing capacity is also very large, on the base of high-force brass. A high performance solid lubricated bearing insert with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant. It breaks through the limitations of general bearings relying on oil film lubrication. Its hardness is about twice as high as that of the copper sleeve, and the wear resistance is also very high.

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