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High-sulfur alloy bearing factory explains the outstanding characteristics of high-sulfur alloy


High-sulfur alloy bearings are made of high-sulfur alloys, which have good self-lubricating properties and high temperature resistance. Generally, the bearing is used to reduce the friction at the joint of the mechanical equipment, and the bearing made of the high-sulfur alloy can exert the lubricating effect without using the lubricant when using, and reduce the friction of the bearing during use. Below we follow the high-sulfur alloy bearing factory to understand the outstanding characteristics of high-sulfur alloys.

1, has a high temperature resistance, even at 800 degrees high temperature can work reliably for a long time.

2. Outstanding self-lubricating performance: It can self-lubricate the system without lubricating oil and maintain self-lubricating performance for a long time.

3, the friction coefficient is small and long life: the lubrication of the product is based on its own various solid lubricants to establish a lubricating film to achieve the lubrication of the target, the friction coefficient is 0.05, is the traditional bearing, bearing and other wear-resistant products do not have The performance, especially in the high temperature area, its life is more than 3-7 times of the traditional bearing, bearing and other wear-resistant products, but also the traditional bearing, bearing and other resistant products can not be compared. Due to the unique properties of high-sulfur alloy steel bearings, bearing bushes and other wear-resistant products, it is widely used in high-temperature areas, and in heavy-duty areas where lubricants are volatile, such as: tie machine bearings, tension leveler bearings, and High-temperature zone roller bearings and large and medium-sized machinery, mining machinery, parts that are not easy to disassemble, and difficult to refuel without lubrication or cooling water.

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