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Effect of hardness and pressure of composite rubber roller on production


The compound rubber roller is an important process accessory in the compounding process, and its surface hardness and adjustment pressure directly affect the effect of the composite process.

1, the hardness directly affects the amount of transfer of the adhesive

Under the same pressure condition, the rubber of the soft rubberized roller is pressed into the mesh more than hard, and the extrusion of the adhesive from the mesh is also more than that of the hard rubber roller, and the transfer rate is inevitably lowered. Therefore, the soft rubber roller directly affects the transfer rate, thereby affecting the amount of glue transferred.

2, the pressure directly affects the difference of peel strength in different parts of the composite film

When the pressure of the rubberizing roller is too large, the deformation of the rubber roller causes deformation of the roller body, and the rubber deformation at both ends of the rubber roller becomes too large, and a phenomenon similar to a soft rubber roller occurs. The adhesive at both ends of the rubber roller is extruded, resulting in a low amount of glue on both sides of the rubber roller and a high amount of glue in the middle.

Therefore, in actual production, it will be found that the peel strength of 5-15mm on both sides after the composite film is matured is very poor, which is caused by excessive pressure of the rubberized roller. Therefore, in actual production, the pressure of the rubberizing roller should not be too large in the case of ensuring that the surface of the rubber roller is fine and uneven.

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