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Wear-resistant linings are classified by material composition and their characteristics


Abrasive wear in industrial production is the most common and the most serious form of wear. In order to ensure the normalization of production, pad wear-resistant linings are now mainly used to achieve anti-wear and anti-wear effects.

At present, the wear-resistant lining boards are mainly divided into the following types according to the material composition:

Ceramic liner

The ceramic lining plate is made of AL2O3 as the main raw material, with rare metal oxide as flux, and is made of high-temperature roasting of special corundum ceramics, which are combined with special rubber and high-strength organic/inorganic binder. The product.

Alloy liner

Alloy liners for interior linings for ball mills, shredders and conveyor systems for the coloured, black, metallurgical, mining, power and building materials industries. A pickled and polished steel plate is disposed between the two layers of high chromium alloy cast iron layers, a plurality of through holes are formed in the steel plate, and the high-chromium alloy cast iron is filled in the through holes. The material of the utility model is also made of high-chromium alloy cast iron. Since a layer of Q235 steel plate with a thickness of 2 to 3 mm is compounded at a distance of 6 to 10 mm from the non-working surface, the quenching process is adopted, and the hardness reaches HRC55 or more, thereby improving the resistance of the working surface. The grinding ability, because of sufficient toughness, does not break or crack, the service life has reached 6 months, which is 1-2 times higher than the original liner.

Rubber lining:

The rubber lining plate adopts special formula and is treated by high pressure vulcanization. The wear resistance is greatly improved. The service life is 1.5-2 times of that of the steel lining. The unique elastic cushion of the rubber itself greatly reduces the impact force. At the same time, the rubber lining has Excellent corrosion resistance.

Wear-resistant composite liner:

The wear-resistant composite lining has mainly ceramic composite lining and bi-metal wear-resistant lining. The wear-resistant composite lining avoids the disadvantages of single material, such as the brittleness of ceramics and the non-weldability of high-chromium alloys.

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