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HS self-lubricating bearing scientific maintenance method


In our production, there are many equipments that need to use bearings. It doesn't look like the bearings are small, but it is very important for the use of the equipment. It plays an important role in the equipment. So in the early days, we basically used ordinary ones. Bearings, they all need to use lubricants for better use. With the changes of the times, now we have HS self-lubricating bearings, which do not use lubricating oil during the use, because it has good lubrication effect. Also, it will not cause the bearing to be hot due to excessive oil, so let's take a look at the maintenance method of HS self-lubricating bearing.

1. Put the bearing into the gasoline to clean, wipe off the sludge and dust left on the bearing, and all the rusted bearings are gently wiped with metallographic sandpaper until there is no rough feeling by hand.

2. Dry the cleaned bearing with a dry rag and place it in anti-rust oil. In this process, the bearing should be completely in contact with the anti-rust oil, and the bearing should not be rotated, so that the oil film formed by the anti-rust oil can cover the surface of the bearing to achieve the purpose of anti-rust.

3. Apply butter evenly to the surface of the bearing, including the inner and outer rings, wheels, and cage. And it is to rotate the bearing while wiping, so that the butter really enters the inside of the bearing and fully lubricates.

4. Packaging must also have a certain amount of maintenance. Mainly to save costs, the cement packaging bags that have been scrapped from the warehouse are cut into suitable packaging bags, and the bearings are tightly packed and packaged. The specifications and models must be marked and placed on the shelves for storage.

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