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Advantages of HS Alloy


1. The bearing capacity of the bearing made of HS alloy has no cage and rolling element, so its bearing capacity is large, which is more than 15% higher than that of ordinary rolling bearing.

2, has excellent self-lubricating ability and anti-seizure ability

The HS alloy contains a plurality of alloy compounds and a sulfur content of 0.50 to 11% free. When the rotating (sliding) friction starts, the friction surface will quickly release a variety of solid adhesives with lubrication, fill the micro-pits of the two friction surfaces, and form a stable solid lubricating film on both surfaces. Self-lubricating, eliminating the bite.

3, outstanding high temperature performance

The HS alloy works reliably at 800 ° C without lubrication and cooling. If you work in a medium and low temperature environment, the life will be longer.

4, the friction coefficient is small

After repeated tests and use, the initial rotation (sliding) of the HS alloy is not as good as that of the self-lubricating material. The friction coefficient is similar to that of ordinary steel, but as the rotation (sliding) time increases, a variety of lubrication is released. A solid metal bond forms a lubricating film with a smaller coefficient of friction. f=0.1~0.05

5, the running line speed is higher

HS alloy bearings can work smoothly for a long time at V<5m/S, especially at low speeds.

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