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Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in high-sulfur alloy steel products. According to the unique characteristics of HS high-sulfur alloy steel, the company has developed a series of series.1 composite roller series, 2 skateboards, liner series, 3 kinds of specifications industrial Research and development and application of new materials such as spherical bearings, bushings, and medium and large bushings. HS alloy features: It is a new material with self-lubricating, high temperature resistance, anti-seizure, anti-wear and load-bearing capacity. All kinds of bearings, bushings, slides, bushings, etc. processed by this material.
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Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Situated in Linxi County, Hebei Province, Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. boasts convenient traffic and beautiful environment. Based on the unique characters of HS alloy steel, we have developed a variety of series including composite roll series and sliding plate and liner plate series. In addition, we also have devoted to the research, development and application of industrial spherical bearings and bearing bushes of different specifications, medium/large-sized bearing sleeves and other new materials. HS alloy features self-lubricating, high-temperature-resistance, anti-seizure, wear-resistance, as well as good carrying capacity. Therefore, the bearings, bearing sleeves, slides and bearing bushes made by HS alloy are well received.


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Phone:13833905637   Tel:0319-8560377
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