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Situated in Linxi County, Hebei Province, Hebei Yinglong Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. boasts convenient traffic and beautiful environment. Based on the unique characters of HS alloy steel, we have developed a variety of series including composite roll series and sliding plate and liner plate series. In addition, we also have devoted to the research, development and application of industrial spherical bearings and bearing bushes of different specifications, medium/large-sized bearing sleeves and other new materials. HS alloy features self-lubricating, high-temperature-resistance, anti-seizure, wear-resistance, as well as good carrying capacity. Therefore, the bearings, bearing sleeves, slides and bearing bushes made by HS alloy are well received.

The bearings made of HS alloy steel require neither lubricating oil nor water for cooling. HS alloy steel also has favorable development prospects in coal mining, port, chemical engineering, agricultural machinery and other industries. Currently, our Company is negotiating and cooperating with several large domestic bearing factories who intend to replace traditional ball bearing steel with HS alloy to manufacture anti-friction bearing. Furthermore, major domestic design institutes have applied HS alloy products to metallurgical machinery, engineering machinery and other fields, thus greatly reducing equipment investment and saving tedious maintenance works. Moreover, applying HS alloy products also makes great difference in energy conservation, consumption reduction and efficiency improvement. With favorable prospects in plate plant, hot rolling plant, cold rolling plant, wire rod plant, large-scale steel mill, medium-scale steel mill, coking plant, iron mill, power plant, mine plant, and transportation machinery plant, it is widely applied to oil field, port, valve, engineering machinery, metal forming machinery, punching and shearing machinery, ship-building machinery, locomotive internal combustion engine, textile machinery, plastic machinery, hot working die, cold working die, different working rollers and roller beds, machine tool slide guide, liner plate and ball mill.

Adhering to quality-first and customer-oriented management principles, our Company has always cared for people, and devoted itself to satisfying customers' requirements. It is sincerely hoped that you can join us and work with us to foster a brilliant future!

Add:No. 008 Zhujiangdong Road, Linxi County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
Phone:13833905637   Tel:0319-8560377
Contact:Mr. Wang   Email:596931418@qq.com

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