Application range of self-lubricating and wear-resisting alloy steel products

Steel works:

Gudgeon bearing of converter, bearing bush, main bearing set of metal mixer, and bearing bush of buggy ladle.

Billet caster, roller bearing of secondary cooling chamber, bearing of tension leveler, and bearing of roll gang.

Slab caster, fan-section roller shell, foot roller shell of crystallizer, roll gang bearing and pusher bearing.

Steel rolling system: (which is equipped in strip steel mill, medium plate plant, thick plate plant, cold rolling mill, and profile mill)

Front and rear roller bearings and bearing sleeves of heating furnace.

Bearing, bearing sleeve, and bearing bush of roll gang.

Shear plate sliding plate and sliding block of rolling mill. Cold bed bearing bush, bearing sleeve, tilting steel bearing bush, and knuckle bearing.

Bottom back-up bearing and rolling bearing of walking beam furnace.

Roller shell of strip steel recoiling machine, dedicated shell of 5-roll tension, altitude, bar, fore wheel, fore plate, front guard board, bearing sleeve and bearing bush of chain-type cold bed, roll gangs, sliding plate of shearing machine, and sliding plate of rolling mill.

Seamless steel pipe plant:

Bearing bush of tilting steel hook, bearing sleeve of centering roll, cold bed bearing, and bearing bush.

Iron mill:

Dedicated wear-resistant sleeve of pig machine, liner plate of stock bin, belt conveyor bearing, bearing bush of iron water-tank lorry, disc dosing machine's bearing, bearing bush and bearing sleeve.

Sintering plant:

Sliding plate of fixed way, sliding plate of sealing way, internal and external sleeves of trolley wheel, liner plate of crusher's stock bin, sealing ring of trolley clip wheel, and bearing sleeve of chain conveyor for hot mineral separation.

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